Oral Histories

The CSRC Oral Histories Series publishes the life narratives of prominent Chicano and Latino figures. The life narratives have been recorded and transcribed, and the interviewer and interviewee have reviewed and corrected the transcriptions prior to publication. These oral histories are often undertaken as part of a larger research project and in tandem with archival collections and library holdings.


L.A. Xicano

In this set of interviews, artists talk about childhood, education, and career and inspirations for their art. Their recollections offer insight into not only the work of the individual artists but also how these artists were interconnected and were affected by cultural and political developments, particularly the Chicano Movement.

LGBT and Mujeres Initiative

The interviewees in this series talk about their upbringing and education and their careers as pioneering Chicana/os. Their stories explore the intersection of gender and ethnic identies and enrich the history of Chicana/os in the performing arts.